You held me by my chocolate boots,
Upside down, my body stiff with fear.

My eyes were iced-on, decorative only,
I could not see what was going to happen next.

I could not see you put me in a paper bag,
Just lay there trying to stay calm, in crumbs.

When you picked me up again I could not see,
Did not know where you were putting me next.

My head softened as it hit the tea
My brain finally disintegrated and
Whilst my tea-soaked noggin reeled
You bit in, taking me unawares.
You took one eye, one side of my face
Then removed an unanaesthetised arm.
I wanted to cry out, stop the barbarity
But my mouth was merely decorative too.

I may be small but I am a man
I have rights, I am a man
I am a man, a gingerbread man.


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