I am waiting in a tree for the fish to fall on me.

The sun is strobing weak then strong, it’ll dry the fish but not for long.
A little ant crawls up my arm, feeling like this I do it no harm.
Finally the fish arrive, they start to rain, the rain to drive.
They come from above, crashing down, and on the ground they flap around.
The fish stop falling and rain descends, I sit in the fish and wait for the end.
Soon the fish have need to flap no more, as the water now begins to pour.
The fish all swim around in pools, forming lots of little schools.
The restless ant now starts to shout and so I feed it half a trout.
Soon the ant is scary and fat, I drop it from the tree and it goes splat.
Enough of this, I’ve seen the fish and now I wait for another dish.

I am sitting in a shower, been sat here for half an hour.


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