Jaori Loverduck’s Fishpacket

It seems that Jaori’s influence is stretching far and wide.  One correspondent who shall be known only as ‘Helen’ informed Digestive Press of the presence of glace cherries in a takeaway curry she enjoyed on the 29th March, just three days, you will note, after Jaori included them in his wonderful mango chicken recipe.  However, she was less than pleased with the surprise ingredient.  “Am I the only person who thinks that glace cherries are an odd ingredient in savoury dishes?” she asks.  “They are fine for cherry bakewells, other wee cakies and certain cocktails.”  I think it is safe to say that you probably are the only one to thing them odd in savoury dishes, I don’t see what could possibly be wrong with them.  Still, don’t worry Helen, today Jaori is going to show us how to make his famous ‘fishpacket’ and I would be very surprised to see glace cherries feature in that.  Over to Jaori.

“I am very proud to present to you the fishpacket – the fishy innovation which kickstarted my rise to fish-chef celebrityhood.  It is a very simple recipe that I used to make to take with me when I went fishing.  It seemed somehow wrong to be fishing and eating a sausage roll or chicken pasty.  What I really needed was an easy-to-eat snack based around fish that would provide me with brainpower, strength and energy and I think in the fishpacket I came up with the perfect dish.  Here’s how to prepare it:  Take some fish.  Halibut or trout is recommended, mostly because I like the words, especially ‘trout.’  Anyway, you will need a thin fillet of your chosen fish.  The fish is going to be steamed but first the steamer needs to be lined – this is best done with some curly kale and beansprouts but you could add some grapes and/or glace cherries to make it extra special.  Splash in some soy sauce and some spices.  My philosophy when it comes to herbs and spices is simple – experiment.  They all look and smell and taste roughly similar anyway so you’re probably safe to chuck around a bit of whatever takes your fancy, whatever combination comes to head or hand.  Place the fish in the steamer and place over some boiling water for about five minutes.  The steam will cook the fish.

Now you will need a flat surface and three sheets of A4 rice paper.  Any less than three sheets will be too thin and any more will be too thick so be careful.  Place the steamed concoction on the A4 paper, it should take up around half of the paper with a margin left on both sides and some space at the top.  Fold the sheet over so the fish is covered.  Now for the tricky bit.  Around the three open sides use a skewer to make tiny holes around the edges, every couple of centimetres should be fine.  Now take a strawberry bootlace and thread through the holes, pull tight and it should hold the whole thing together in a neat package.  You are all ready to go fishing!

Actually, no.  One last thing.  You will want to take a flask of coffee out with you, here’s my tip.  Add a thick knob of butter to your coffee for a wonderful buttery taste and coffee that stays warmer for longer.  Now go and fish!”     

Jaori Loverduck has donated his fee for this column to The Lamb and Lime Legal Foundation, an organisation dedicated to providing legal help to chefs accused of being fakes and phoneys.


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