Crumbfort In Crumbs: Milk Chocolate Malted Milk, Oreos, Bourbons and Custard Creams

MILK CHOCOLATE MALTED MILK When looking in the supermarket for something a little different to try I came across the milk chocolate covered malted milk and had to give it a go.  I was a little sceptical – the chocolisation of all biscuits has lead to some excellent sub-species such as the chocolate digestive, now eclipsing the humble plain digestive, and the chocolate hob-nob, bringing to life what I always thought to be a remarkably dull biscuit.  However, as we saw with the recent dark chocolate hob-nob disaster it is not always a good idea to make things more chocolatey.  So, how about malted milks?

They have always struck me as a very innocent biscuit – nice little picture of a cow, interesting-enough-but-not-too-exciting flavour and the word milk in the title.  It screams out, “eat me with a glass of milk, don’t eat too many!”  Covering them in milk chocolate does seem to make them far more munchable, tempting the taster on to scoff more than they should in a way that the plain version would never have done.  Still, they have been chocolised in a respectful way, a slim coating of milk chocolate that enhances rather than overpowers the malted milk itself.  So hats off on a job well done, a biscuit to look out for.

OREOS I know, I know, I wrote about Oreos last time but this time I want to explore the different variations of Oreos now available.  These tend to be even more expensive, especially in England as they are only available in Selfridges and so I will refrain from mentioning the price in actual currency to protect those who are squeamish.  Suffice to say that these are biscuits for special ocassions.  A tip though – often they can be found heavily reduced on a little table at the back of the shop, well worth looking at.  I have recently been enjoying a box of Pure Milk-Chocolate Covered Oreo Sandwich Cookies (to give them their full name), a birthday present.  These are Oreos completely covered in chocolate which creates a kind of cakey effect which brings a whole new Oreo sensation.  Also available are the Oreo Minis which somewhat resemble a breakfast cereal and come in a tiny tub.  They are basically a ‘Honey I Shrunk The Oreo’ version of the real thing, a tinified biscuit.  Another variation was found on one of my biscuit travels where in China I found Oreos with many different flavoured creams – the mint ones were very tasty indeed.  Still, the award for greatest Oreo variation must go to the Chocolate Cream Double Stuf (I think that is its name).  This is an oversized Oreo stuffed with double the amount of cream and not just any old cream but special chocolised cream which is even more luscious and morish than the usual stuff.  And now I promise that I will stop writing about Oreos.

CUSTARD CREAMS AND BOURBON CREAMS How could I go so long without mentioning these two, these collusi of the sandwich biscuit world, stable, lifelong friends of the biscuit connoisseur?  We may go hunting new and interesting biscuits, may dabble with biscuits that have more chocolate or more biscuit or more novelty value but we always come back.  At University we used to have endless discussions which went round and round in circles.  At the time the custard cream with it’s oddly cool cream filling and comforting pattern seemed unimpeachable as top biscuit.  I would later fall out with the custard cream but now I hold it equal in my estimation with the bourbon and I am happy that I do not have to decide between the two.  My top buying tip is to be wary of supermarket value packets of custard creams as they are never as good as the proper ones whilst bourbons survive being made cheap and it is safe to buy without disappointment.

All photography in this article by Ric Carter


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