Crumbfort In Crumbs: Mint Melts and Mint Choc Chip Cookies

Intrigued and disappointed by the lack of a good mint biscuit on the market, this week I took biscuit production into my own hands and made my own.  Knowing that I definitely did not ‘vont a viscount’, I set out to produce an alternative.  It seems that if you want mint in a biscuit then you have to have a chocolate biscuit such as a Mint Club or a Viscount.  Well, that had to change.  Armed with a recipe book ripe for the rejibbying and a wee bottle of peppermint flavouring I got to work…

MINT MELTS The first biscuit I set about inventing was a mint sandwich biscuit which I adapted from a recipe I found for melting moments.  My plan was to make two melting moments per biscuit and stick them together with a bright green mint buttercream.  My first attempt had the potential to go very wrong indeed as I misread the recipe and used about four times the amount of margerine that I should have done.  The mixture was a little sticky and instead of making 20 biscuits with which to construct 10 sandwiches I ended up with 10 for 5.  I made the buttercream (which glowed a lovely slime green) whilst the biscuits baked and stuck them together.  The biscuits were surprisingly nice with a soft centre but I used too much buttercream and it splurked out of the side of the biscuit.  This made the biscuits more fun to eat but I didn’t feel it was very professional.

My second attempt was better.  I used the correct amounts and felt an immense amount of satisfaction as I creamed the sugar and margerine and added the flour and whatnot and it turned into a wonderful doughy mixture.  I couldn’t have been happier as I mixed the ingredients, feeling that this was a somewhat magical process.  I managed eighteen biscuits this time and once baked and stuck together was left with nine mint melts.  The biscuit was harder this time but I used less buttercream and this led to less splurking.  It was at this point that I intended to stop but the thrill of the bake was under my skin and I wanted to try more…

MINT CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES With a some green food colouring and peppermint flavouring burning a hole in the kitchen cupboard (not literally) I knew I had to make more mint biscuits.  Now I took inspiration from mint choc chip ice cream (still reigning ice cream flavour champion after twenty four years) and attempted to make a mint choc chip cookie.  I probably could have looked for another recipe but feeling some loyalty to the original recipe I stuck to it and adapted that to my needs once more.  The dough once more came together well, some broken up dark chocolate providing the chips.  The addition of peppermint and green was not measured or particularly controlled but hoping for a more vibrant green than I had previously achieved in the buttercream I splashed a little extra in.  The dough was a gorgeous light green colour dotted with chocolate chips and had a minty aroma.  I could have eaten the dough but restrained myself.  In the oven they went.  Sadly the baking processed turned the green brown on the outside but inside the bright green mintiness remained which I was very pleased about.  They remained soft in the centre and turned out to be another resounding triumph.

In conclusion, it seems that I have now filled this gap in the biscuit market.  My question to you now is this:  what other gaps in the biscuit market would you like to see filled?

Photographs in this article by Ric Carter

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