A Bus/Balloon Project For A Saturday Afternoon

The transaction took place, the deal was done.  We shook hands and passed over to the driver a mars bar and a six pack of lager, his fee.  He flipped the bus ‘out of service’ and dutifully pulled it off the route, following our instructions.  He happily took a fag break sat on a wall and then stuck into the beer.  He ignored us as we started our work.  There were enough of us that soon the bus was covered in crawling people, everyone had jobs to do as we blew up the balloons, tied them and then passed them, finding places to attach them to the roof, the front, the back, the sides of the bus.  The question of how many balloons it would take to make a bus float (a double decker, we weren’t going to cheat ourselves) had gnawed at us and lead us here but now our knowledge of physics was merely leading us to more questions; would putting balloons in the bus help? would it be lighter if the bus was moving?  And if so, was it worth it when there would have to be someone in it to drive it?  We didn’t know the answers to these, we didn’t even know how far or high up we wanted the bus to float.  Just to get it off the ground was our dream.  The driver returned having finished his beer and done the crossword in the paper but we hadn’t finished.  He skulked off and I’m not sure anyone has seen him since.  A little while later it turned out that maybe we had underestimated the weight of a bus and we had to go and get some more balloons.


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