Crumbfort in Crumbs: Chocolate Fudge Crunch Creams, M&S Dutch Shortcake, Oreos

CHOCOLATE FUDGE CRUNCH CREAMS The logical chocolatey conclusion to the excellent Crunch Cream series, CFCCs are back to stake a claim as mass-produced biscuit champion.  No longer hiding away in Morrisons but readily available at handy Somerfields this rich, fudgy biscuit with it’s cracked earth sandwich texture and sumptuous cream has been hidden in the shadows at the bottom of selection boxes for long enough.  A change of packet colour (from purple to brown) has assuaged my fears that it may just disappear again somewhat but I will still make the most of them whilst they are here.  The only area in which this biscuit loses points is in the fact that there is no cheap alternative to it and they are a little pricey.  But for your money you get what is surely the best chocolate-oriented sandwich biscuit on the market.

MARKS AND SPENCER DUTCH SHORTCAKE On Bank Holiday Monday we took a short train trip to Lyme Park, setting for the filming of Pride and Prejudice.  This was no day for a value biscuit and so, in spare time at the train station, we visited the biscuit section in M&S.  There was a fine array and after much umming and arring (like indecisive rail-bound pirates) a double packet of dutch shortcake was bought.  Soft shortcake that falls apart to the touch and melts in the mouth dipped in (apparently) Belgian chocolate.  The chocolate helping was generous and there was a feeling of quality all the way through these treats such that Mr Darcy and the Bennets would surely approve.  It was a nice day with some excellent trees.

OREO UPDATE Three points upon which to update – 1)  The novelty does seem to have worn off somewhat and, coupled with the price going back up, I have not had an oreo in quite a while.  2)Apparently Oreo production means orang-utan death.  3)  When we were in the Chinese supermarket the other day we found an Oreo copy called ‘Cream-o’ and were tempted to buy but instead went for the more interesting pineapple sandwich biscuits (will report back soon).


One thought on “Crumbfort in Crumbs: Chocolate Fudge Crunch Creams, M&S Dutch Shortcake, Oreos

  1. You know, I should really be focussing on the oversize biscuit but what leaps out at me as really odd is the shelving of Wild (a Natural History book) in the Crime section…

    Those M&S Dutch Shortcakes are lovely.

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