Hurrah! 100km in 31 hours!

Meet Lee (many of you will have done already).  He is a friend of Digestive Press.

On Saturday Lee did something amazing.  He walked one hundred kilometres (that’s quite a long way) in just 31 hours (that’s not that much time and includes some night).  As part of a team of four, made up by the equally courageous Darryl, Emma and Caroline, he trudged across the South Downs to raise money for Oxfam, acquiring aching limbs in the process.  Digestive Press was proud to appear on his ‘hat of sponsorship’ (as seen in the picture above).

Anyway, Lee and the gang are aiming to raise as much money as possible and it is not too late to contribute.  There is a link in the sidebar or you could give your mouse a rest and simply click here:

Well done Going Nowhere Fast, you did go somewhere fast.  Um.  Huzzah!


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