Comfort In Crumbs: A Piece Of Cake

If I was to claim that A Piece Of Cake (Mill Street, Guernsey) was the best cake shop in Britain you would probably point out that I have not been in them all.  You would be wrong, I have been in them all and I proclaim A Piece Of Cake to be the best.  OK, so I may have missed a few out in places that are not in Bury, Lancaster or Manchester but we will overlook that for a moment and spend a few moments dancing amongst some of their finest delights.

Carrot Cake

I had to start with the carrot cake.  In my mind it has become A Piece Of Cake’s signature dish, captivating me in a way that carrot cake has never done previously.  It’s not just because of the moist texture that borders on being soggy but somehow comes across as juicy.  Nor is it the bright orange strands of carrot that dart through the middle of the slice.  The fact that the icing on top of the cake is rich like cheesecake and compliments the main body perfectly may have something to do with it.  But really it is just that all these attributes combined and served up in a generous portion that leave me with no words to describe it other than the appreciative noises I make when I’m eating it – mmmmmmmmmmmmm.

Cherry Bakewell Slice

As you can see below this is packed with cherries, light and nutty and soft to the touch.


The word ‘tiffin’ makes it sound somewhat dainty and cultured but the tiffin at A Piece Of Cake is a big slab of hunky biscuit and fruit, glued together with syrup and chocolate and covered thickly in dark chocolate.  I have eaten this several times but can never finish a slice in one go.


Made with Guernsey butter this is a wonderful cakey shortbread which is thick and soft with a layer of sugar like smashed glass on top and an almost crispy edge.  Here a friendly croc got hold of my triangle and refused to give it back.  Bad mistake.  I made him into a sun visor and wore him on my head whilst I finished it off.


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