How To Make A Rocketship

Collect the following: the bottom of a shoe and an old piece of rope, hands from a watch and mechanical soap; eyelashes and straps, staples and maps; seedlings and gravel, a wand and an apple; elephantine tubas and a sandwich board, the inside of a boomerang and part of a sword; interesting mould and custard juice, retractable pens and cous-cous; treasury tags and an elastic band, the bottom of a shoe and flammable sand; a dwarf door and zips, compost and lego bricks; little cups and old keys, buttercream and dead bees; a lion’s head and a carbon footprint, sawdust sachets and assorted lint; an art dealer’s eye and a perfumer’s nose, a dented crash helmet and an old man’s clothes; laminated cake and thunderstorm dust, dogwool and aged earring rust; shoe laces and jelly of beef, ear lobes and crusty teeth; bald spots and chairs for sheep, peanuts and a potpurri heap; pencil sharpeners and a car boot, tin windows and a nose flute; ham forks and tea spoons, meringue and popped balloons; old telephones and skis, blu-tac and mechanical knees.


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