2008 – Digestive Press Good Cake & Biscuit List

As we reach the traditional biscuit compilation end of the year, here is my top eight offerings discovered this year:

8. Minteorites, Homemade, Manchester

Hobbling into eighth place at the end of their first year in existence is my homemade minty-chocolatey-bumpy invention.  I’ll try and make some more soon.


7. Chocolate Fudge Cake, Bread & Butter, Manchester

Tucked away down a quiet stretch of Tib Street next door to the jazz club this little eaterie can be cake inconsistent but sometimes boasts a wonderful chocolate fudge cake.  Last time we went in there the till was decorated with Thundercats figures carrying homemade Obama flags.

6. Caramel Shortbread, Barbakan, Chorlton

Caramel shortbread… and an impressive array of other cakes.  As you can see – thick chocolate, thick caramel, thick biscuit.  And this is just the tip of the Polish deli ice berg.


5. Gypsy Creams, Irvings Bakery

I have never set foot in Irvings Bakery but thanks to regular parcels from a good friend in Scotland I have been able to taste their delectable wares a number of times.  They like to build their biscuits crumbly and thick.  Homely and dusty.

4. Chocolate Cake, Le Hechet Farm, Guernsey

Guernsey is a small place and you can find a great chocolate cake maker within four degrees of separation.  Le Hechet Farm also makes ice-cream but it is the cake we are interested in here.  This is a special Christmas edition dressed up to look like a pudding.  Very fudgey and rich.


3. Chocolate Swirl Shortbread, Homemade, Guernsey

The advantage homemade biscuits have is that you get to smell them whilst they are baking.  This short swirly piece, made by Rachel was the best shortbread I tasted all year.  And she kept on making them too, which made me very happy.

2. Grasmere Gingerbread, Grasmere

An old classic that remains the same year in, year out and always a pleasure to taste.  A trip to Grasmere in January was supplemented with some mail orders throughout the year.  Go to the Grasmere Gingerbread website (link over there –>) and order some!  It may be a little late for Christmas though.


1. Carrot Cake, Piece Of Cake, Guernsey

As the picture below suggests, this award is not just for Piece Of Cake’s carrot cake, majestic though it is, but for their wide variety of always-ace cakes.  I have probably written enough about this place already that it does not require further description.  Sadly it will be closed for hibernation between December 22nd and February 7th.  I do not know what I will do.


Please remember to enjoy cake and biscuit responsibly this Christmas.


In November I wrote a Moustachioed Gent detective novel called ‘Safe’ which was 50,000 words long.  Which may explain why there hasn’t been much up here in the past month (although it doesn’t explain my tardiness in October).  1,667 words every day was the target but I still ended up scrambling 13,000 words between Friday evening and Sunday lunchtime.  I utilised eight detectives, two black holes and lots of shortbread in my moustachioed quest for the truth.  Suzanna Law, whose photographs are often on display here, also completed 50,000 words, though she was finished by Thursday night.  Well done Zan.

After the gap I have posted a short, albeit confusing, extract in which the Moustachioed Gent, detective, is calling on Doctor Brian Cantaloupe-Sandwich, victim, and after that a picture of the cake that hung around on my desk for most of Saturday and Sunday, dangling as a reward on completion. Continue reading