Day #9568

Seen & Heard (All True! Not Fiction!  What?!)

On a recent trip to Manchester I came across a new shop in Afflecks Palace, a strange shop built out of windows and full of self-published books, homemade comics, t-shirts and even some casette tapes.  There was stuff stuck everywhere on the walls and windows, shelves and tables covered in more things – all made by artists and writers who have decided to do it all themselves.  I was in Good Grief! It was good to see that so many people were putting all that work in and heartening to see that they all wanted to keep control of their projects through to see the end product and to get it out there themselves.  And of course I am always happy to see things made, photocopied and knotted together with string.  I bought a few things – including Rob Jackson’s Pasty Anthology (below) – but would have bought far more if I had limitless time and funds.  If you’re in the neighbourhood I would strongly advise popping in to have a good look around.

On the same trip we ventured to Manchester University to see our favourite brummies Misty’s Big Adventure play (I think this was my fourteenth time).  They presented ‘psychadelic legend’ Brute Force who delighted and bemused in equal measure.  I am hopeless at writing about music so I won’t describe further but will say that I am very much looking forward to hearing Misty’s forthcoming album ‘The Family Amusement Centre’ which is now apparently complete and being prepared for release.  It is nearly two years since Misty’s released their last album proper, though they did release their third grumpy fun album, ‘Grumpiest Fun’ in December of last year.

Thomas Truax, our favourite wandering Wowtown troubador, financed his new album ‘Sonic Dreamer,’ through the Pledge Music website.  It allowed him to offer his fans a chance to buy his new record in a variety of formats, at different prices, and allowed him to finance its release through their pledges.  It seems like a good system.  I received my signed copy in the post last week but have not had chance to give it ample attention to write a review yet.  Here is the video for his single ‘It’s All Happening Now.’

Back here in Guernsey let me tell you about a great artist going by the name of Hugh Rose.  He creates hypnotic, spacey, cyberdubby works inspired by science fiction, delusions, zoos perhaps.  He does a lot of work with and on wood but has also branched off into customising toys and transport, I think he just likes to draw on anything so if you see him do not stay sitting in one place for too long.  Below is his interpretation of the Moustachioed Gent.And finally here are some of my favourite blogs on the internet.  Don Kenn Gallery showcases one man’s enthusiasm for drawing slightly gothic monster scenarios on post-it notes.  I have followed Polar Bear Is Dying for a while now – a rambling blog of strange drawings and ocassional tales punctuated by pictures of cakes in Japan, all centred around the Orange Cafe.


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