I kept on seeing your face everywhere I went,
“And so I just had to come and see you,” I say.

Everywhere, like it was being used to plug holes
That had grown in the matter of the universe.
Where there was a hole in the road – your face,
A stock gap on the supermarket shelf – your face,
A section of the hedgerow cut away – your face,
Between the ocean and the moon – your face,
In the space right in front of my eyes.

Until all the other faces looked wrong.

“You must be able to tell me something
Something something something something
Something important, something about my life.”
You just smile, the space on top of your shoulders
Is taken up with the real and true version of your face.

I want to lie awake, talking to you all night.

“I feel like you could be an important person to me.”

When I get home I lock myself in the kitchen
And throw handfuls of sugar at all the gaps I can see
Whilst overhead planes and pilots soar high
And I shrink and shrink in my sugar-dust kitchen.


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