When I returned from my self-imposed hermit wilderness, a lonely place shaped by the thoughts made by myself and myself alone, I had to reacquaint myself with the ways of parties.  This proved difficult.  I did not, for example, expect parties to have become so intense and difficult in my absence.  But they had!

They were all but unrecognisable from the parties of my youth – dancing dancing dancing replaced by politics and money and counting up the world.  I was cutting cheesecake in the kitchen (actual cheesecake, not a dance) when I found myself stuck talking to a man who was very interested in coins.

“The one pound coin appeals to people most because it is a satisfying size and shape as well as being useful in the world.  You would think that people would like two pound coins even more but I think that people find them too big, and they still do not quite trust them.”  He lowered his voice.  “I like pennies best.  I believe that they condense down money to its purest form and I like to study them and put them together in ways so that they compliment one another.  My favourite amount is twenty pence in one pence coins.  I think that there is a kind of poetry in that amount of money which is just too blunt in a one pound coin.”

I listened to his financial advice and then filtered myself out of the kitchen and away from the situation and then went to dance in a way and to think a little about returning to becoming a hermit again.


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