Movember Blog #1

This November I have been busy growing a moustache in celebration of Movember, all in the interests of charity and looking like a foolish fool.  Myself and Hugh set up our own team The ‘Moustachioed Gentlemen of Guernsey’ and tried really hard to make a specific part of our faces hairy.

Before we have a look at some progress pictures lets just remind ourselves of some of Moustache’s Greatest Hits:

Richard Brautigan talking about planting books in a very oddly shot little video.

Antonin Panenka’s penalty for Czechoslovakia in the shoot-out at the end of the 1976 European Championship Final against West Germany.

Bill Murray as Harold Blume in Rushmore.

Kate Bush gets into mischief as she assists a man with a moustache in his odd ways.

And now we’ve done that, here’s some progress reports –

Day 1 (note the moustache badge):

Day 11:

Tomorrow I will be posting the picture of THE FINAL MOUSTACHE as November comes to a close.  It may even be in the snow (I mean, I may be in the snow, the moustache will still be on my face).  Tune in then.  Tchri!


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