Handyman/Chef Notebook

Look what I’ve invented now!  It’s a handyman-themed book which can be dismantled – and put back together – with nothing more than a simple screwdriver.  Obviously I cannot demonstrate this with photographs so you will just have to believe me.

By the way, that’s a screwdriver I received in a screwdriver set I received as part of my Secret Santa present from work.  Thanks Secret Santa.

By the other way, the paper I used for the outside of the book was supplied by Zan.  I’m not sure where she gets these interesting materials from.

By the third way, the reason the photographs for this are a bit iffy is that it is winter and dark and I don’t have much chace to take pictures in nice, natural light so sorry about that.

Inside, I used some pictures of pasta dishes as endpapers thus making it a handyman-slash-chef notebook rather than being just a handyman notebook.

I was quite pleased by how this book turned out, it feels quite pleasingly solid and has lots of white sheets to write on inside.


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