Dream, In 18 Objects (In Which All Objects Are Clearly Defined In An Otherwise Vague And Fuggy World)

In the dream, I am being kept prisoner by the Chinese Government, a situation which leaves me perplexed but not indignant.  They are keeping me locked in the back of a Nissan Micra (object #1) with the child lock enabled.  A second prisoner sits in the passenger seat and there are also two prison guards (objects #2 and #3) in the car with us.  There are lots of novels to read and the prison guards even give me my own Nissan pen (object #4) with which to write in my prison book (object #5).  The other prisoner is a Chinese national.  I do not know what he has done to end up here but he seems alright.  We drive around a lot in the Nissan and I read, and write, several interesting books.  The prison guards take a keen interest in my writing (object #6).  They seem alright as well and I come to the conclusion that we have all found ourselves in an unfortunate situation and that we should make the best of it.

One day the guards leave the Nissan to get ice cream (object #7) and forget to put the handbrake (object #8) on.  The car rolls very slowly down the hill and crashes into a wall (object #9) which disables the child lock.  The other prisoner sees his chance to escape and leaves the Nissan but I decide that, as I do not speak Mandarin (object #10), I am best staying put.  We say goodbye and he scarpers.  The guards return with ice creams and I am rewarded with the ice cream they had bought for the other prisoner as an extra treat.  So, I have two ice creams.  We drive around some more and I write in my prison book before later being sick (object #11) from a combination of ice cream and driving.

Some unspecified time later I am allowed to go free.  I wonder what the prison guards will do now and whether the prison itself will be decomissioned.  I leave China (object #12) and return home (object #13).  As a homecoming treat I am taken by my family (object #14) for cream tea (object #15) at a model village (object #16) with a miniature railway (object #17).  They ask me why I am so quiet and I say that there is still a lot for me to consider with regard my incarceration in the Chinese Nissan.  They do not say as much but I get the impression, from their sighs and their rolled eyes, that they believe I am milking it.  We wander around the model village but nothing seems very real.  And then we drive home in our own Nissan (object #18).


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