Digestive Press in the Wider World

A quick notification that The Second Beestung International (see below) is in stock at Good Grief! Shop once again.

Good Grief! is now located inside The Soup Kitchen (Manchester’s premier Soup venue which can be found in Stevenson Square in the city’s Northern Quarter), which means you can take care of lunch at the same time as visiting the shop.  I still remember fondly a mushroom soup I had there once which had huge pieces of lots of different types of mushroom lolling about in the murk like sea lions at the docks.  YUM.

Good Grief! also stocks lots of other great stuff which you can read about here.

Each copy of The Second Beesting International comes in a unique numbered envelope.  The book itself contains two short stories, The Witch and The Wizard & The Silent Motorbike, and one poem which I have just realised is untitled.  There are not a huge number available at the shop so best to get them while they’re hot.


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