The Beauty Of Engines

He learns the secret of manipulating the movement of his physical body through space so that he can de- and re- materialise instantly in any place he chooses with just the flick of a brain cell.  First he just makes short journeys, crossing a room when no one is looking, knowing that anyone who thinks they notice something unusual in his movement will think it is just a trick of… the light, the mind, the season.  Eventually he travels everywhere just like that, straight home from work and then out again for dinner on the other side of the planet.  Etc.  For a while he is always on time for work because getting there takes him no time at all, but then he gets complacent and ends up setting off after the time he is supposed to arrive there, and soon after that he quits his job anyway and concentrates on travelling wherever he pleases, bouncing from one place to the next with a casual disregard for the world around him.  He barely notices people any more, just moves through them.  Until, of course, he notices someone who looks just as out of place as him.  A girl.  A girl wearing huge sunglasses that take over her face and a winter coat which swallows her body whole.  He is captivated.  The girl pops back out of existence and he tries to follow her but it is no use and in her absence his imagination runs wild with desire as he criss-crosses the planet in a frenzy of short, sharp movements.  Once he gives up on her, he finds somewhere quiet to lie down and enjoys being very still in a fixed point location for a long time.  A short while later he makes the decision to abandon his talent and trains his mind to never work those tricks again.  He finds a new job and meets his wife and they have holidays together in far-flung destinations.  He travels by conventional means, and embarks on an obsession with motor cars.  He enjoys opening up their bonnets and examining their composition, the wonder of their movement.


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