Notes On The Building Of

All the parts I needed were under my bed.  I took them out and started to put them together but I didn’t get very far before I stopped and pulled my creation to pieces again.  I did some more drawings of my plans and by the time I was finished it was dark so I went to bed.  As I tried to get to sleep ideas mixed around in my brain and I found it difficult to rest so I turned on the light, got out of bed and pulled out the parts again.  This time I completed the construction.  It took so long that by the time I was finished it was starting to get light again and I decided that it would be better to carry on and populate it now rather than wait until later.  This caused problems as there were some flaws in my design that only became obvious to me at this stage, and I had to evacuate and then do a little rebuilding before I could populate safely.  By now I was feeling quite sleep-deprived and my thoughts were becoming fractured.  Giddiness had taken hold.  I couldn’t wait to play with my new creation so I started there and then, moving the population around and inventing situations and imagining.  It was quite difficult to move them around, and I found that each of the situations I staged called for some minor destruction followed by a little rebuilding, which became increasingly frustrating.  I began to wonder whether it was worth the hassle of actually doing anything with my creation.  I missed the way it had stood beautifully unspoilt when I first finished making it so I picked up my creation and shook it upside down until it was completely empty, and then I built some things which I had originally been forced to leave out for reasons of impracticality and taste.  I got halfway through implementing these re-designs and decided that, since I now had forever to finish the creation to my own exacting standards, it could wait until I had rested.  I was tired from all the building, and sleep came quickly.  When I awoke, it was exactly where I had left it and the population lay in a little pile next to it.  I still did not see any use for them so I scooped up the pile and put them under my bed.  And then I turned back to my creation and watched it all morning, enjoying it’s peaceful and changeless nature and beauty.


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