Raising Funds To Buy A Wall-Mounted Chicken Dispatcher

Mid-morning, the lady who usually brought him eggs came by selling homemade redcurrant jam.  He told her that he had read somewhere that it was technically illegal to re-use supermarket jars.  “Don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone,” he added, a little joke.  “Be sure to spend your jam fortune on those chickens of yours,” another joke as he handed her the money.  “Don’t worry, I intend to,” she told him with a smile.  Indoors, he made some toast and tested the jam, looking out of the window as he ate.  The jam was sweet and good.  The sky was clear.  Maybe he would go for a walk later.  He returned to his desk, picked up his pen and found his place on the list he was working his way through, names and addresses of Governors in the thirty three US states that still practised the death penalty.  “Dear Sir, I am writing to express my concern…”


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