The Family Surveillance Unit

I ate lots of breakfast cereal and eventually the cereal company sent me a free set of beautifully illustrated dinosaur fact cards.  Beautifully illustrated, factually correct.  I felt honoured that the cereal company thought so highly of me that they would bestow upon me this gift, and I began to dream of a future career working on the cereal company’s archaeological digs, discovering new dinosaurs for them to inform the world about.

But I started to become sceptical – what if dinosaurs were a myth, what if the cereal company were not who they claimed to be.

Then our local news ran a story that revealed I had been targeted by a resistance movement who played hypnosis tapes through my window whilst I slept.  The news had exclusive footage of them, exclusive recordings of the tape.  ‘Dinosaurs Were Never Real, The Cereal Company Do Not Want What’s Best For You.’


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