Day# 10832

Adventures In Writing And Reading, Part 17 Wool, Part 1P1020698

Seeping ever further into distant corners of the internet, it turns out that I am now being featured on the popular knitting and crochet site Ravelry.

No, I didn’t write a weird story about wool and convince the people at Ravelry to feature it (that trick might have worked with photography but I’d be pushing my luck to try it again).

What actually happened was that Rach made me an ace green hoodie, with fully-functioning sleeves, hood, zip on the front, drawstrings… the works.  All in a very tasteful green waffle pattern.  Yes, waffles!  Mmmmm.

Anyway, the people who made the pattern were so impressed with Rach’s interpretation of it that they have featured the pictures of it on their own page (think you need to be a member of Ravelry to see it unfortunately).  I’m really pleased with my new garment and proud of Rach for finishing such a big project.


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