Day #10908

February Round Up

Yes, January went to the wall.  February is here.  Soon that will expire.  It will be March.  Here’s what’s been going on:


Story production slowing at the moment due to studying.  However, expect fictions exploring whimsical applications of digital technologies any time soon…

Screen Shot 2014-01-26 at 08.55.31

Exciting news from my local library, which now boasts a copy of the Bristol Short Story Prize anthology, which features my story (I may have mentioned this previously).  Very pleased to see the book has already been taken out by someone – I believe it is due to return on the 7th March, not that I’m monitoring it at all.


Due to the aforementioned studying, I’ve temporarily stopped reading novels.  This means I needed to stock up on short stories to keep me going – the above shows what’s currently on my bedside reading pile.  I got the Sean O’Brien and Zoe Lambert books through Comma Press, who publish some great stuff and who I’ve always found very efficient to buy from directly, and the Tania Hershman one from Tangent Books – another good little independent press.

Meanwhile in blog world…

Screen Shot 2014-02-14 at 21.08.25

Teresa Stenson of This Writer’s Life included me in a Liebster Award.  Thanks Teresa!  But what is a Liebster Award?  Well, that’s what I wondered.  As Teresa explains it’s a bit like a chain letter, except it’s a bit more discerning than that as you are only invited to send it on to six people whose blogs you like.  There are questions to answer, then you have to think up questions of your own.  We’ll see… maybe tune in next month and I might have answered some questions and actually participated!

I did enjoy checking out the blogs of the other folk Teresa Liebster-awarded, including Dan Purdue’s Lies, Ink, which I’ve mentioned here before.  Also Rachel Fenton’s Snow Like Thought –  which has some comics, lots of links to short story successes and also some neat photo pieces which feature pictures of one thing and then words telling a story about something else which might seem unconnected but isn’t (I didn’t explain that very well… anyway, I liked them).


And finally… I’ve been running Digestive Press for six years this month.  As I now have (slightly) more readers than I did before, I thought I might be all big-headed and link to some of my favourite pieces of work from a few years ago, so they don’t become fossils.

So here’s a quick selection of work from 2010, starting with a poem entitled 2010.  Until I went back to look, I’d forgotten all about Bop Pity, which briefly featured an old man buried in bourbon biscuits, and in March of that year I asked the question What Makes Less Noise Than A Statue?   In October I managed to spin a whole piece, entitled Rsplndnt out of some trousers I had seen and coveted but – crucially – didn’t buy, whilst November 2010 saw a short murder mystery simply called Whodunnit.

Lets catch up again in March?


One thought on “Day #10908

  1. A computer is an advanced counting machine, but perceived as intelligent as interactivity and artificial intelligence are built into it. Jesus says something strange in Matthew 10: But the very hairs of your head are all counted. Therefore do not fear!!!
    What?? Is the number of hairs on our heads counted?? Are we in a computer? How much RAM in this computer? Are all data stored in a black box or hole?

    How many of you have played Call of Duty? Many have found that there was more than one ”glitch” in the game. If you do things the right way, then you can get into a super mode where you can do amazing things. (I have not played much, but been coach for my son).

    The programmer has thus added a backdoor (or failure), where someone can get into a sort of powermode. God programmed the earth and the sun, moon and stars. They all are following math calculations. But there is a backdoor. The stories of Joshua and Hezekiah shows that the sun can stop or go backwards. Only the programmer knows all the back doors and all hidden opportunities.

    Anyway, our computers are ”stupid” and can not handle real calls. But when you pray to God, the biblical author, you talk to some of the highest intelligence and power. If your heart is set correctly (honest and sincere), He will answer you in His own way.

    I am only a pointer to a pointer, if you understand what I write about.

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