Manifesto Written While Eating Cheesecake By The River

You are on holiday, sitting at a table outside a café by the river, eating a piece of cheesecake that tastes so beautiful it is actually making you feel sad that it is disappearing from your plate.  This emotion eclipses your enjoyment of it, and the only thing that might assuage this sadness would be if you knew there existed infinite amounts of that cheesecake, to which you had been granted access, and there stretched before you a future consisting of nothing but eating cheesecake and growing gloriously, ridiculously, surreally fat, until you are the size of a pleasant field and the river rolls past you as you eat more of this gorgeous cheesecake.  So you eat slowly, getting towards the end of the cheesecake, hoping that when you walk away from the cafe, the memory-taste of cheesecake will be saved in your mouth for the rest of the afternoon, the rest of the day, the rest of the holiday… but you know you won’t be able to keep it there for the rest of your life.


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