Out Dancing

that grand summer when everything went right every day felt like
christmasses or every other day or at least the days were like

12th July
Christmas Day
Boxing Day
Christmas Day Again
New Year’s Eve
New Year’s Day without a hangover
18th July
19th July
Christmas Eve
Boxing Day
Day after Boxing Day
Day after the day after Boxing Day
Another Christmas Day

except when you got everything you wanted it was also great
weather so you could enjoy being outside as well as not being
at work so everything really was really great for all those

Christmas Days
Christmas Day repeat
Christmas Day
Boxing Day
31st July
1st August
New Year’s Eve
Another 31st July
Christmas Day
5th August
6th August
7th August

it ground to a halt sometime
sometime around the middle of August
sometime around the middle of August we finally took the down the tree
and we had to pay for all the presents and late nights
and we were with hangovers for several days
as the sun beat down too hot but it was also raining at the same time
and we were each other both sick and too close

16th August
17th August
That day in mid-late January that’s supposed to be the most depressing day of each year
The day after that
20th August
21st August


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