We left together, halfway through the work day. We didn’t have too much in common yet and when we spoke we could not be sure that we were being understood completely by one another – we were not used to the way each other chose our words and what we meant by them. But we shared a desire to get away, to bounce out and land somewhere softer.

I had an idea of what we should do and you said you knew a place that sounded exactly like the kind of place I had described. In this way we each contributed one half and those two halves fit together just-so. Most of this understanding we had forged in body-language and eye-meets.
So here we were, getting away.

It was something I had seen, perhaps, in an old film. The idea was that there would always be somewhere you could go, if you really had need of it. A sanctuary. The living would be cold and hard, it was understood. There would be silence. But it would be safe. We would be away.

Getting away, we drove through the countryside, towards the place. You did not give it a name, but you had directions. We followed your directions until we got there, to the place, which was in the place we found it. This all happened very calmly. We parked up and made our way across the field.

This must be the place, I said. You agreed.

As we got closer, we started to hear the hum of the generator. We saw the bright colours.

We sat on the edge and took off our shoes and then climbed on and tried to keep our balance as we entered the place. In a staggering half-walk, half-bounce we proceeded, trying to keep our balance and not to fall into the creases.

Day #13270 – Music To Write Along To, Part II

In October 2016, I wrote a post about music that was good to listen to whilst writing.  But then what happened was that people kept on writing and recording and releasing music so there kept on being more of it.

Another thing that happened was that everyone had to stay inside for months and not go near any other people, which meant that lots of people who make music couldn’t make money by touring etc.  Bandcamp, who let artists sell their stuff on their own terms, started waiving their cut of sales every first Friday of the month.

Anyway, if you’re looking to stock up on music-for-listening-to-when-writing, this Friday (August 7th) could be a good time to do it.  I heartily recommend all of the below albums (and you can usually listen to the whole album on Bandcamp before buying anyway, so you don’t need to take my word for it).






I would have written something about each of these but it wouldn’t be very descriptive – so for this post let your ears do the work instead of your eyes (or something).