Day #13923: Sitcom / Density at Fugitives & Futurists

I am pleased to point you towards the Fugitives & Futurists website where my short story ‘Sitcom / Density’ is published today.

Fugitives & Futurists publish a piece of short fiction every week and  say:  “We want to recognize your melancholy in the occult features of the data stream. We want to flatten the hierarchy of meaning and upset the cobbles in the road.”

I really like the pictures they have used to illustrate Sitcom / Density and the way it looks on the page / screen – they’ve done a great job.  And I was really pleased to find a home for this piece.

The whole thing came together quite slowly, but parts of it were very immediate – particularly the setting for the first half was an image that came to me very clearly all at once.  I could see the factory, the brambles, the smoke, the noise of it.  Then it was just a case of bashing out the details of how the character traverses that world.  I’ve done a few stories in the last few years where I have mashed together two parts – two separate pieces of story that might seem unrelated but put together enhance each other.  That’s what happened with this one.

Thanks to Fugitives and Futurists for publishing it, and thanks also to my writing workshop group at Guille-Alles library for feedback on this one during the writing process.