Some Digestive Poems

Eating Faces

Eating faces
Is a lot like
Collecting whisky.

You keep the
Best ones, eat
The nice ones
And don’t touch
The bad ones.

And they taste
Good with ice.

Young Mornings

When young mornings
Stretch their side by side yawns
To wake you up, the day thrums
And gets started with half lights,
Creaky bathtubs and hair dryers
Until young mornings become
Promising young afternoons.

The Grim Balloons

Clouds hang in the air
Like grim balloons.
Great dirty grey things,
Dusty, plump and full.

They hang up there and
Make their way down here.
I suppose that it is time
To bring the washing in.


Frogorillas Frogorillas
What are these?
Do they live in ponds
Or swing from trees?

Lets find out more
By observing one.
We really should
Before they’re gone.

He has frog legs
And big froggy eyes,
Huge gorilla arms,
Eats bananas not flies.

(The idea of a Frogorilla
Just seems so wrong
When you see one eat
A banana with its tongue.)

If you saw a Frogorilla
You would probably scream,
Thinking it was a monster
Like in a scary dream.

But poor thing, what he is
He doesn’t know.
He scratches his head
And wrinkles his nose.

Wonders to himself
What he does best.
Is it hopping around
Or beating his chest?

The confused Frogorilla
Gets really mad
When he is too heavy
To sit on a lilypad.

He tries to swing in trees
But just falls down.
He isn’t hurt,
Just hops on the ground.

Imagine yourself how
Confused you would feel
If you were a human
Crossed with a seal.

We need to do research
And it’s the only way:
We need your help, so
Adopt a Frogorilla today.

(You can adopt a Frogorilla by calling the ADOPT A FROGORILLA HELPLINE on 0800-FROG-ILLA and help us to research this creature and stop it being so confused. Thank you for your support.)


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